Grow your direct bookings

EasyOTA helps hotels, airlines, transfer, car hire and experience companies grow their direct bookings with a blend of consultancy, web technology and our online marketplace.

How savings work

For every $5000 worth of bookings not coming through your website, you pay between $750 and $1250 in commissions.

Work out your savings for each new booking you take direct:

  • How many website visitors do you get monthly to your website?
  • How many bookings do you already receive from these visitors?

Imagine what happens when you double this ratio?

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Our Services

A combination of creativity, excellent technology and consumer insights
will drive your direct bookings


Your website is your shopfront. Keep your customers.

Customers find you in many ways. We help you with a world class e-commerce website, designed to drive revenues.

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Search, book and pay easily, it's what customers want

Customers want it easy. Intuitive. Our booking engine makes customers' booking and paying process easy. Need an inventory...

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EasyOTA MarketPlace

Sell related services while focused on your business

Turn your website into a boutique travel store. Up-sell what suits your visitors, join the Market Network. And earn additional income.

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Each and every viewer of your website has their
wallet ready - help them buy


Re-claim pricing power. Reduce commission.
The no 1 objective worldwide

We're all thankful for, Expedia, TripAdvisor and agent networks. They send us bookings AND new website visitors. But we pay them a fortune in commissions. EasyOTA helps level the playing fields. Improving your website performance: improved relevance, attracting and retaining customers, leading them with world class processes to book and pay on your website.

AND, when you're ready take the next step:

  • Your website visitors are buying flights, hotels, car-hire, transfers and experiences. Now YOU can offer it all, you choose what you want your brand to offer. It's seamless, and makes sense.
  • Take a minute and answer: Why have the international airlines been selling their customers hotels, car-hire, travel insurance and experiences for almost 20 years? Why?
  • The answer is why you should and can do the same. It's what their customers want and need.


Our most frequently asked question

How much work is involved?

Customers will buy if a) they like your product / service b) you present it appealingly

c) you make selecting what they want easy and intuitive, and d) the booking and payment process is intuitive, quick and trustworthy.

You’re in charge of ‘a’, we guide you to ‘b’, and we provide ‘c’ and ‘d’.

Our search, book and payment engine is ready to plug in, simply.

Start with the low hanging fruit – the consumers already visiting your website.

Current situation in East African travel

We always keep our people upto date. Here are some intresting figures you need to know

Manual bookings
20x global average

Referred bookings
30% too much commission paid

Onsite sale conversion
25x too little

Easy room for


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