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easyweb: Your website is your shopfront. Keep your customers.

Customers find you in many ways. We help you with a world class e-commerce website, designed to drive revenues.

easybook: Search, book and pay easily, it's what customers want

Customers want it easy. Intuitive. Our booking engine makes the customer's booking and paying process easy. Need an inventory management system for your hotel, car hire, ground transport or experience business? We've got it for you.

easyOTA: sell related services while focused on your business

Turn your website into a boutique travel store. Up-sell what suits your visitors, join the Market Network. And earn additional income.

each and every viewer of your website has their wallet ready - let's get them to buy

re-claim pricing power. less Commission. the no 1 objective worldwide

We're all thankful for Booking.com, Expedia, TripAdvisor and agent networks. They send us bookings AND new website visitors. But we pay them a fortune in commissions. EasyOTA helps level the playing fields. Improving your website performance: improved relevance, attracting and retaining customers, leading them with world class processes to book and pay on your website.

AND, when you're ready take the next step:

Your website visitors are buying flights, hotels, car-hire, transfers and experiences. Now YOU can offer it all, you choose what you want your brand to offer. It's seamless, and makes sense.

Take a minute and answer: Why have the international airlines been selling their customers hotels, car-hire, travel insurance and experiences for almost 20 years? Why?

The answer is why you should and can do the same. It's what their customers want and need.

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It happens in Five easy steps

We add your business to our EasyOTA databse

A step by step guided process - it really is easy

We ask what reservation system you use......

We're already integrated with many but if yours isn't among them, we'll integrate with them on your introduction.

...... and which payment provider you use

Direct Pay Online or any other. We integrate with them all.

...then we ask who or what you'd like to upsell....if any

We have airlines, hotels, car hire, transfer and experience providers.  Not there? Tell us, make the introduction and we will 'on-board' them.

we add our booking engine easybook to your website

Easy and done automatically. Your website will now feature world leading booking and payment processes. No more losing customers.

Relax, and earn money from your powerful website

Sit back, manage the operation, focus on your core business and watch happy customers booking direct and earning you the commissions.

current situation in east african travel

manual bookings
= 1/5th global ave
referred bookings
= 30% too much commission
onsite sale conversion
25x too little
Easy room for improvement

what they say

Businesses in EA tourism  are sitting on gold mines - the visitors to their websites. There is a global push-back against the online channel juggernauts. Customers will buy direct from business websites when and if that website speaks to them in the right way.
Marc Dhalluin - founder
Advances in technology and the ease with which it can be shared has made possible today what was the preserve of huge corporations. EasyOTA enables your website in a way previously thought impossible.
Matthew Bell
DPO has enabled hundreds of businesses in tourism with e-payment capability. EasyOTA is the best tool I have seen that will power up our customers' website capabilities, delivering the revenue enhancements DPO's customers businesses need.
eran feinstein - founder direct pay online (DPO)


Tourism industry business owners don't realise the power they have....for today and tomorrow's consumers.
October 31, 2016 4:12 PM

A global movement in travel and tourism is about reclaiming pricing power as well as moving to service the millenials: those tech savvy now in the money, looking for authentic experiences for the next 20 years.