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EasyOTA powers Tripindigo

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Flyezee.com is East Africa's only platform where consumers can search, compare and buy their tickets. We've driven $100s of thousands of    dollars in revenues for our partner airlines. Flyezee.com is soon to become part of Tripindigo - East Africa's specialised OTA (Online Travel    Agency).

  • Tripindigo was born because our Flyezee.com customers asked us for other travel related products such as accommodation, car hire, transfers and experiences to buy at the same time they were making their flight bookings. 

Tripindigo allows customers to build itineraries, filling in all the pieces of complex logistical safaris in East Africa.

We built the EasyOTA platform to power Tripindigo.

And did so in such a way that other tourism businesses could do the same - sell multiple 3rd party products and services, satisfy their own customers and earn commissions.

EasyOTA is a 'white label' platform, meaning that it can be used in conjunction with any business and assume that businesses' identity. It becomes part of your business.

This could be your business' booking page
EasyOTA uses your website's identity so consumers know they're buying through your site. This way, you don'y lose your customers to another site.