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what we love to do: helping Travel businesses grow

We focus on using what businesses currently have to drive increased revenues. And sharing the upside.

e-Commerce Enablement: Easier than you think

Competing without is not an option. East African travel businesses need to offer their products and services in ways and through channels demanded by today's consumers. These customers demand e-commerce capability from you if they are to purchase. It's a trust and reputation issue.

Marketing Consultation: born from practise. Actionable.

With over 40 years combined travel, leisure and hospitality marketing experience in competitive environments we advise on what your business needs to remain competitive. Don't allow yourself to be left behind.

Optimising your Customer interactions: Using what you have

Redefine who your customers are; think of them as anyone who visits your website. Now let's offer them what they need to build their journey. Your services / product PLUS related products and services.

we are the Owner of tripindigo: Specialist OTA demanded by customers

Our specialised East African OTA, presenting products and services with the functionality to book complete safaris off one site. Tripindigo addresses  the unique needs of itinerary building in East African travel. Contact us to have your business on Tripindigo.

EasyOTA Digital Fusion

Be present. Be found. Transact. Your website is not your on-line brochure. It is your living business to millions out there. See each visitor as a potential customer, and watch the revenues climb. We ensure your site is the best it can be and is found by people searching the web. We maximise your digital marketing effort, including paid for and earned exposure.

Brand portfolio strategy and structuring: you built them, use them

Do you use all the brands and products in your portfolio to support each other? To work in synergy for each others' benefit? We help you align and power up your brands for their mutual benefit. This is one of the most powerful yet neglected strategies for multi-property businesses.

your website can easily work as hard as this one

Your website powered by EasyOTA. Imagine your website. That's your name on the top left. Now imagine it had the features of the one on the right. Not the design, the features. Selling what the customer wants - your rooms AND other related services on which you earn money. Layout proven to keep customers; re-reassuringly professional experience (UX); not only an on-line brochure.

Imagine all this, but your own brand design, your words and pictures. And you've chosen what to sell.

CASE STUDY: our own Tripindigo is powered by easyota

Our East African specialised and focused OTA is built on the EasyOTA platform. (Talk to us about your business being represented on Tripindigo.) A FAQ: does my website change in design and style? Answer: No, not at all. Your home pages will be adapted for selling with the addition of a booking engine. Otherwise, it's only the behind the scenes results and booking pages that are new, but they still reflect your design elements.

onboarding is very easy

The process of onboarding is so easy and quick. Some details, pictures, reservation system and payment provider name and, hey, boom - ready to go


what they say

Businesses in EA tourism  are sitting on gold mines - the visitors to their websites. There is a global push-back against the online channel juggernauts. Customers will buy direct from business websites when and if that website speaks to them in the right way.
Marc Dhalluin - founder
Advances in technology and the ease with which it can be shared has made possible today what was the preserve of huge corporations. EasyOTA enables your website in a way previously thought impossible.
Matthew Bell
DPO has enabled hundreds of businesses in tourism with e-payment capability. EasyOTA is the best tool I have seen that will power up our customers' website capabilities, delivering the revenue enhancements DPO's customers businesses need.
eran feinstein - founder direct pay online (DPO)