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Know how buyers make decisions

Know how buyers make decisions

Guiding the customer in their decision making process

The typical decision-making process, when buying travel products or services, is primarily the same for both B2B & B2C. It’s the type of content & available offers that drive each of these independently through the decision-making process.

The decision making process consists of 5 consecutive steps to make on online purchase, of which the first step is interest. It’s crucial to know who exactly your target market is and what they’re looking for. When you understand your customer and their needs, guiding them through the decision making process is easier. The examples below illustrate the interest & needs combination customers have.

As a small business, changing the customer’s interest and needs is not impossible but can be quite challenging.

Most of the time the customer’s interests and needs are already shaped based on the initial idea that sparked the customer to travel. A young man in his 20s who’s looking for water sport activities and nightclubbing will not easily be persuaded to stay at a family holiday destination, and vice versa, a father with a family will not settle for a corporate environment where kids will be shunned for playing and making noise.

The ensuing research, compare and buy steps in the decision-making process can, and must be managed by the small business.

Always provide the customer with well-structured content, appealing visuals and a variety of options that will satisfy the customer’s needs. It’s vital to conduct a thorough competitor analysis to ensure your website, its content and visual presence has a competitive advantage.

The booking flow is a sensitive process in which the customer can easily be lost if, at any point, they feel overwhelmed by the required steps to complete the purchase, or uncomfortable providing personal information and credit card details. To successfully sell travel online, you need to understand your target audience, their needs, as well as the competitors who play in the same field. It’s all about creating a competitive advantage in online travel.It’s all about creating a competitive advantage in online travel.

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