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Why a specialised booking engine? – the Sales Funnel effect.

Making the online travel
experience accessible

Depending on the target audience and their goals, your website needs to be accessible from anywhere in the world, on any device such as tablets or mobile phones. If important content such as the online booking engine is not accessible from different devices it will not only negatively impact the customer’s experience but also conversions.

Why a specialised Booking Engine is so important.
The sales funnel effect.

You might put in all the effort to ensure your website is noticed by potential customers, spending time and money on SEO, content generation, Adwords, display advertising, PR, and a beautifully crafted websites.

But, of course, the number of visitors to your website does not equal the number of customers who buy your product. This is due to the sales funnel effect.

You may unknowingly be turning customers away.
Increase sales with an optimised on-site experience.

Who stays, and who leaves? Some customers don’t feel what they’re being offered is enough, and leave. While others are only doing research and may, or may not return again. Their staying or going at this stage is dependent on your ‘proposition’ and how you present it.

Some customers like what they see, but this is always more than the number of people who book / buy. Why? Availability OR a poor on-site experience as a result of a non-specialised Booking Engine. It is a well known fact that a poor search, select, book and check-out experience is one of the primary reasons for users not completing their on-line purchase.

Your website may, unknowingly, be driving your customers away. To drive visitors to your website is no easy task. All this hard work of finding leads is lost if your website is not eCommerce optimised. If you lose these visitors, you lose the sales too.

Thus when potential customers land on your website, you want them to:

This example of a sales funnel has a minimum of 7 steps, and each of these steps can potentially lose a customer. An optimised eCommerce website can reduce the % of customers that drop off during the sales funnel significantly by focusing on the customer’s needs and making the journey as effortless as possible.

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